Mission Statement:

The mission of Futbol4hope is to provide assistance and support to the children of the world thru the promotion of the beautiful game, also called football in most parts of the world and soccer in America. Futbol4hope helps children, teams, coaches, parents and individuals in need of assistance with soccer equipment such as balls, shoes, shin-guards and in some cases uniforms.

As a non-profit organization Futbol4hope relies on donations, fundraising and sponsorship activities to fulfill its mission.  Futbol4hope actively works hand-in-hand with individuals, organizations and community members to create Drives or Donation events to collect soccer equipment.

Futbol4hope engages with Corporations, major soccer brands and other organizations to help pay for shipping and distribution of soccer equipment for children all over the world.

Futbol4hope also welcomes any form of support that would enhance its mission.

Ultimately, the mission of Futbol4hope is to provide an opportunity for all the children of the world to play, enjoy and participate in the beautiful game of soccer.

Feel free to contact us at for more information.